David Bhimji, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Digital Hospitality

Up until 2016 I had gone through a couple of benefit plan providers.  My frustration with each previous provider was the same, it was a typical bait and switch.  We were quoted a reasonable rate initially but each renewal year resulted in a significant increase in our fees even though our actual usage was relatively low.  In addition those companies could not be bothered with providing customer service or answering any of our questions.  I only ever heard from them at renewal time when more money was required to maintain the plan.
Patrick on the other hand was very transparent and listened to all of my concerns when I made the switch to his management.  He found a good plan that met our needs and since then there has only been marginal rate increases year after year.  My colleagues directly reach out to Patrick and Candice with any questions about our coverage and how to make claims.  From what I see Patrick and Candice always get back to my colleagues very quickly with a response.  In essence they act as an intermediary between my company and the insurer.  Given that I am a small business owner and do not have a person on staff to act as the plan administrator Patrick and Candice save me a lot of time and effort.  In all honesty I do not ever think about our benefits plan because it is simple, predictable, inclusive to our needs and well managed, if anything is ever needed Patrick and Candice are just an email or phone call away.

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